Our Loan Services

Personal Loan

A quick flexible term loan can help you to solve over your emergency cash tight period. We understand the difficulties in getting through the urgency. Talk to us and we will have a customized and flexible loan plan for you.

Business Loan

In every stages of your business, funding is one of the core criteria to keep your business sailing. the next level, be it starting, expanding or managing. We offer many forms of credit to different business sizes and stages.

Fast Cash Loan

If you are facing short of cash urgently, fear not, we are here to assist you through. We provide fast short term loans with lowest immediate loan disburse according to your preferred repayment schedule. Tell us your situation.

Foreigner Loan

Singapore is politically stable and is the financial hub in Asia region, has attracted international business owners to set up business here due to favorable business environments. If you are business owners thinking to inject some funds to your business, you can reach out to us for timely and stable financial helps.

PayDay Loan

There is always time for office workers like us encounter financial emergency during the middle of months, where there is just few days left to paycheck day but we are tight of us. Ace Capital understand you and help you to bridge the shortfall of cash between your paycheck.

Vacation Loan

Thinking of going for short gateway but eventually you give out the plan due to insufficient saving in the bank? No worry, Ace Capital provides you custom vacation loan that are tailored to traveler needs. You can utilize these loans to pay your transportation and accommodation during your trips.

3 Steps Loan Application


Click on the 'Search Best Loan' and submit your personal information and loan amount needed which can be completed in  take less than 3 mins.


Credit consultants will get in touch with you immediately to understand your situation and credit needs.


Quick loan approval for certified applicants and loan disbursement almost instant.

Thinking of getting a loan and need credit advice?